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Work Suggestions/Ideas for 18th – 22nd May 2020


Hello to pupils and parents in Pine Class!


Hope that you are all ok. Here are some suggestions for activities and work, if you would like them. We have also sent another pack of paper-based activities home. Feel free to choose what you would like to do. 


Remember, next week is half-term, so if you have been working hard, you can have a break.


We’ll continue to keep in touch via email/calls. Let us know how you’re doing or if you have any questions or worries. Pictures and videos are great for us to see what you have been up to, too!  We’ll try to organise another Zoom call on Wednesday, too. An email will be sent with the details.


Happy Eid to our families who will be celebrating next weekend.


Mr Worsley, Nicola, Karen and Agata 



We have been working on ‘adventure stories’.  Last week, we thought about settings. This week, we could think about characters and storylines. Could you use Playdoh, cut-out characters, or toys, to role-play some of your own adventure stories that may take place in the following settings?


Mountain               Jungle                 Raging River                   Haunted House



We had a go at using tally marks for surveys last week. Perhaps you could play games, writing a number for your parent and they have to write it using tally marks. Then, you could swap over.


Reminders of how to use tally marks, if children need it:




Spend some time reading your book. Try to answer some questions from your parents. You might even enjoy listening to a story from this site:



‘Holiday at home’

Could you create a holiday scene at home – inside or in the garden? If you fancy a ‘beach holiday’, you could use a towel, dress in t-shirt and shorts, wear sunglasses and make a fancy drink. Then you could role-play being on holiday with a family member, perhaps imagining different scenarios, e.g. It’s sunny and then starts to rain, etc. 


If you have a ball at home, you could do some throwing and catching. Then, set up a target to aim for, such as a bucket or a bin. You could challenge yourself by moving the target further away. Or have a competition to see who scores the most goals in 20 throws. If you don’t have a ball, you could use a beanbag, or make a ball with lots of scrunched-up paper secured with tape.

Remember to keep going on long family walks, too.


Wellbeing and Sensory Activity Ideas


Modelling Clay

If you have ‘Play-Doh’, you could have fun making some models. You could do a fun ‘Dough Disco’ – have a look at this link:

If you don’t have any modelling clay, you could always make some. This will need an adult to help and supervise.  There are instructions for home-make modelling clay here:


Outdoor Activities

Take a colour chart with you into the garden or on a walk. Try and spot as many things are you can for each colour. You could use a parent’s phone, with their help, to take photos. How many things can you spot?



You should all have received a ‘Charanga Yumu’ letter in the post with instructions of how to log onto a music learning site. You may have tried this in the past month. If you can log on to this, and try to complete some of the set activities, that would be great.


Guessing Game

Pop ten small household items into a pillowcase. Take turns to reach into the bag and feel an item. Try to guess what it is without looking!


Arts and Crafts

Could you make some ‘pasta jewellery’? You could thread pasta tubes or pipes onto string, and make some bracelets, bangles, or necklaces. If you have some, you could even paint it beforehand so that your jewellery is even more colourful!


Make an Eid card. You may want to make a card to wish somebody in school (a friend or a member of staff) a ‘Happy Eid’. You could ask your parent to post it to school, and we would make sure that it got to them.



Play with Lego or other building and craft materials. Make models, buildings, etc. Enjoy getting absorbed and have a chat as you’re doing it.


Connect with a Friend or Family Member

As you may have done last week, with your parent, make a phone call, send a text, or Facetime a friend/family member. Have a good chat and find out about how they are and what they have been doing.


Attached are also documents that can help parents and children to deal with anxiety and worry, and also more sensory play ideas.



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