Family Support and Early Help at Acorns

Early help is the term used to refer to the offer of any information, advice or support to children and their families as soon as possible in their lives, or when issues emerge, to help prevent problems from escalating.

As a school we can provide support and advice to children and their families in our school community. We can help with any issues that you may have in relation to your child’s education, well-being and behaviour but we are also available if you just need to talk to someone.

Donna, our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) can help children in our school with;
•    Promoting their self-esteem and confidence
•    Development of social skills 
•    Loss and bereavement
•    Promoting positive behaviour and support to reduce anxiety
•    Understanding emotions
•    Friendships and family issues
•    Developing positive relationships
•    Conflict resolution 
•    Bullying
•    Relaxation techniques etc

Donna can also create social stories to support any challenges a family is facing with their child at home or in school. Donna is also available to make symbols to support routines at home. You can contact Donna in school on 01772 792681 or via email at 

School can help families by;

•    Providing information and signposting to relevant agencies
•    Completing referrals to relevant outside agencies
•    Supporting with any paperwork and forms
•    Addressing any barriers to attendance
•    Providing emotional support

Our Early Help Offer at Acorns

Parent/carer appointments – these can be face to face, over the phone or via TEAMS. Appointments are available throughout the day and can be arranged to meet the needs of you and your family.
Emotional support for children – 1:1 sessions in school with Donna which could be a single session or a planned programme. 
Early Help Assessment – An Early Help Assessment involves listening to parents/carers and the child/ren, to find out what is working well and what support may be needed. A plan is formulated in conjunction with the child and family, in order for professionals to work together and provide a package of support.
Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings or Multi-Agency Meetings (if no Early Help is open) – after an Early Help Assessment is completed, regular TAF meetings will be held with the family and other professionals to monitor the progress of support and to ensure the family are fully informed.
Referrals and signposting to outside agencies – for example, Child and Family Wellbeing Service, Children’s Social Care, CAMHS, Speech and Language Therapy, Play therapy/counselling.
Paula,  Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead is in school full-time and you can contact her by ringing the school office on 01772 792681 or sending an email to . Paula will always get back to you as quickly as she can, however during busy times this may take longer.

Advice and support provided to families by Paula or any member of the school team is confidential, however, any safeguarding concerns will be managed in accordance with our school’s safeguarding policy. Should you wish to view this, a copy of this is available on our website under our safeguarding tab.

However, if you are experiencing a safeguarding emergency, you are advised to contact Children’s or Adult Social Care via their main contact telephone number. 
This is: 0300 1236720 or contact the police on 999 if you or anyone else is in immediate danger.

Early Help


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